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tv   Action News  ABC  October 17, 2014 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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>> hey, everyone, it is 5:00 a.m. on this friday, october 17 we're following breaking news. >> police are forced to open fire during a wild chase with a tractor-trailer in montgomery county. >> a cargoes out of the control on a delaware roadway ending in a head on crash. >> residents in bermuda get ready for hurricane gonzalo. >> let's go over to david murphy. >> reporter: we have cloud cover and clearing to the west, generally speaking we think the sun will win out most of the day and we'll get partly sunny skies and bright an comfortable conditions building in the afternoon. 60 degrees in philadelphia. in the allentown we're in the mid 50s. 57 in reading, low 60s down the shore. as we head out the door to start up the car or catch the bus, 57 degrees by 6:00. 58 by 8:00.
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a little bit breezy after the sun comes up, but not too bad, make sure you have the proper clothing on. 59 by 9:00. noon 66. the afternoon looks mild we'll be spending most of it in the 70s. high of 71 by # p.m. we have a cool down coming up in accuweather. >> reporter: let's look live with our cameras. live in montgomery county. we had a police chase and accident that's been closing down 202 between main and dekalb. we see traffic getting by, parts of main street have been blocked also, closures due to an early morning accident and the police investigation that's going on right now. let's go to the maps and all they have done is they have towed away the tractor-trailer away from the accident scene. in the meantime it was closed over the bridge between main and
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dekalb. you can stick to dekalb, 422 or the blue route instead and main street closed in that area. southbound roosevelt boulevard we see the flashing lights. 9th street we have an accident, serious injuries on the scene. boulevard southbound at 9th, a lot going on at this early hour. >> let's get back to the breaking news you mentioned. a police chase ended with police officers officers pulling their weapons at a busy intersection. katherine scott is live at the scene in norristown with what we know so far. >> reporter: matt, we know that one person was shot and taken to the hospital. no officers were injured. we're waiting for more detailed circumstances surrounding the police-involved shooting in norristown. in the last half-hour, i know karen just mentioned it. i want to show you, there's been a lot of progress in the last couple of minutes, actually they towed the tractor-trailer that was involved in this
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police-involved shooting at markley and west main street. emergency vehicles cleared out and now we're seeing traffic come through. ing if you go to the video you can see the tractor-trailer has bullet holes on drivers side. the tractor-trailer was driving erratically, police were called in and a chase ensued and shots were fired into the cab. one person was hit and taken to the hospital. there's no official word on the severity of the injuries. there's damage to several vehicles, you can see shell casings in the street and bullets holes in the windshield of the tractor-trailer. investigators from the norristown police and the county were here piecing this together and conducting interviews with the officers involved. but, of course, we have not heard anything official, or very little detail yet.
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we hope to hear from the county the details as the morning goes on. markley and west main traffic is getting through. that tractor-trailer has been towed. one person in the hospital with police right now, and no officers were injured in the police-involved shooting. live in norristown, katherine scott channel 6 "action news." >> thank you for the update, katherine. developing in delaware, "action news" has learned two men were killed in this head-on collision in newark. the action cam was on the scene. two vehicles smashed into each other, and became a mass of crushed metal. police say the 18-year-old driver of an audi lost control of the car and slammed into a suburban and flipped over. the 18-year-old and the passenger was pronounced at the scene. the man driving the suburb
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suburban is in the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. >> nina pham left for the institute of maryland. many dallas hospital staff members are in isolation themselves. 75 people cared for thomas eric duncan who died from ebola. the director of the cdc was grilled he defended the cdc's decision to allow a second nurse to fly on a commercial jet before she was diagnosed. >> my understanding she did contact cdc and we discussed her symptoms. my understanding she reported no symptoms to us. >> calls for a travel ban could backfire by by encouraging
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people other ways to slip into the country. >> mayor nutter and the city officials will discuss preparations to deal with ebola and other indiana -- infectious diseases. chop has been selected to treat ebola in young patients. chop said it has been working on plans since august to treat an infected child while keeping other patients and staff safe. we have information at how the virus spreads and list of myths versus facts. >> state police will return to the scene of a deadly crash that happened earlier in bensalem. police say the mother of three was driving on i-95 south when
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she was cut off by the driver of a black does an. her jeep swerved and hit the guardrail and flipped several times. before the cashes the victim was on the phone with her husband, telling him that someone had just cut her off. >> powerful hurricane is bearing down on bermuda right now, gonzalo a category 4 storm pushed waves on hamilton. gonzalo is expected to pass within 29 miles of bermuda tonight essentially a direct hit with dangerous winds and life-threatening storm surge. a lot of houses are built to to prepare for these kinds of things. >> david will we feel the effects this far up. >> reporter: there will be rip currents, this this time of year it's not as much as an issue because people are not swimming.
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as we look outside, we have some cloud cover overhead. that will break up quickly, and we will wind up with partly sunny skies. there's the ben franklin bridge, here comings the numbers. 60 in philadelphia. 58 in wilmington, allentown currently checking in at 55. ful 58 in trenton, 61 in sea isle and the boardwalk in atlantic city. satellite showing there's a little bit of cloud cover you can see breaks out to the west, i do think it will be a good idea if you have sunglasses when you head into the car because it will be bright on the i-95 and the turnpike and everywhere else on they highways and by ways. allentown, mixed with clouds and sun, i updated that, i don't know why that didn't take. we're looking at a high of 69 no spotty showers. 70 with clouds and sun in atlantic city. as we look at today's call in philadelphia, partly sunny, breezy, high of 71 degrees.
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it's going to be very pleasant this afternoon. a little bit breezy at times with with winds out of the west southwest at 20 miles per hour. 64 degrees by 11:00. 9 at 2 and 5:00. comfortable this afternoon. here's what the temperatures look like on saturday afternoon. we'll be down in the mid 60s. watch what happens overnight and sunday afternoon. sunday at 4:00. only in the 50s across the region as cooler air is going to come in behind the front. hurricane gonzalo is looking at a category 4 with 130-mile an hour winds. this looks like it's going to be a very strong hurricane as it cuts through bermuda, a category 3 by 2:00 that will be close enough to bermuda to put it on the strong side of the storm with strong winds over 100 miles
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per hour battering that island later on today. this is the 2:00 p.m. view, you can see the winds as high as 120 miles per hour are pushing in as early as 2:00. the dinner hour does not look like any fun at all in bermuda. partly sunny, 71 degrees, breezy and cool, saturday, 68. clouds and sun, we can't rule out a sprinkle or shower at night. behind that system, 56 is all you'll see in philadelphia with windy and chilly conditions. monday, sun and clouds, high of 60. and then tuesday we're still cool and probably wet with showers moving in at times, looks like it may state damp wednesday and thursday. >> gotcha, david, thanks. 2:10, two trains collide on the tracks sending dozens to the hospital down south. >> the world series is set. find out which team is taking its third trip in five years to the fall classic.
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>> reporter: this is the vine street at 8th street. westbound traffic right there. we'll have a look at 202 and route 100 on the way back. >> we'll find out who this person is -- >> we know it's a woman. >> we know it's a woman we' a remote that lives on your phone. more wi-fi in more places. a movie library you can take wherever you go.
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>> hey everyone, 5:13, it is friday. philadelphia international airport. everything looking good. if you're going to bermuda, hurricane on the way. 9 flights canceled. that's 75% of all flights
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canceled going to bermuda. let's go over to karen rogers. good morning. >> reporter: it's friday you want something to go right, let's look outside, we haveu early-morning problems, this is a live look at main street near 202 it was shut down in both directions. 202 as katherine scott reported open after a nasty accident and police chase had 202 shut down at main street. they are both open looking better there. let's check out the camera view and look at route 100, exton chester county. roads are clear and dry, and looking pretty good. we're watching for fog here or there. as we pull in our visibility reports we can see 1.5 in lancaster. 3 in allen up to, 6 at philadelphia international. not a big deal with the fog. 4 miles in beach haven. in a couple of spots it's
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noticeable as you head out. the right lane is block about bn camden county route 30 approaching 73 a house fire they are blocking a major artery the right lane of the white horse pike, watch for that. let's pull in our commuter traffic report, you can be a part of when you download the waze app. keith valley road there's a deer, you need to be careful. >> 44 people were hurt when two trains collided in northwestern arkansas. a passenger train taking tourists on a day long trip slipped on leaves and stalled. a second train was sent to help and crashed into the first train instead. officials say some fuel did
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leak, but there was no fire. >> teachers students and supporters shut down broad street yesterday. chopper 6 was over the scene as hundreds protested the canceling of a teachers union contract. the decision forces teachers to contribute to their healthcare. the protests continued into the school reform commission. meeting members shouted down commission members followed by hours of testimony from teachers parents and students. >> to cancel the union contract is unfair. >> the district said the move will allow a savings of nearly $44 million, money that it said will go directly back into the school. >> the san francisco giants will go back to the world series thanks to a 9th inning walk off home run. they are tied with the cardinal's in front of the home
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crowd. 3-run homer. they face the royals in kansas for game one on tuesday! >> the new york jets came this close to beating the patriots last night. the jets attempted a 58-yard field goal with time running out, but it was blocked. patriots win. the jets fall to 1-6. the eagles are off this weekend. >> a new study finds more potential benefits from drinking a glass of wine. >> pumpkin spice is all around this time of year, but a local woman's love of the spice goes beyond this. the. >> reporter: no rain, we'll have the day park
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>> from our new jersey newsroom
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state lawmakers are giving the green light to sports betting. if govenor christy signs it, a judge needs to authorize sports betting garden state, because the sports league and the ncaa are suing to block it. >> shall we take a live look at the bridges? yes we shall. we're looking at the ben franklin bridge, westbound traffic, the right lane continues to be blocked with construction. as you're coming in you'll have three lanes available. it is fine for now, but be jammed in a couple of hours, the walt whitman bridge, commodor barry bridge looking good. >> reporter: heading to the el it's chilly. we have temperatures in the 50s. philadelphia is 60s. we'll dip down and rise back up to 59 by 9:00. 71 is the high at 3:00 p.m.
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it will be breezy today with winds running about 10 to 20 miles per hour. back to 67 at 6:00 p.m. i'm posting partly sunny skies through the day, at times more sun and clouds. back and forth during the day. looking at the big board, no delays, and for a change nobody is looking at rain, matt and tam. >> going on to "healthcheck" new research suggests ingredient in wine builds healthier bones. those given the highest doses had higher bone density. advisors to the fda say the bold letter warnings on chantix has been linked to suicide and
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hostility. drug makers asked the fda to drop the warning because there's no increased risk of psychiatric problems for people using the drugs. >> if you're watching your nest egg dwindle way in the stock market, don't worry completely. t.j. holmes found a silver lining. >> reporter: the dow lost a round for the 6th straight session. mortgage rates are a 16th month low. shares of apple took a hit as the company was unveiling a new ipad. analysts don't think the new devices are enough to get the stock going again. starbucks has a mobile pay plan in the works. customers can pay in advance using their phones the coffee giant said it will relax it's dress code to allow visible
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tattoos. madeline albright will be on the wheaties box. >> find out why vice president's joe biden's son was kicked out of the navy. >> a vehicle goes up in flames
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>> hunter biden, the youngest son of vice president joe biden is responding to reports he was discharged from the navy because he tested positive for cocaine. he is expressing regret the embarrassment his actions caused, but did not say why he was discharged. we're talking about pumpkin spice for this time of the year. this woman wants access to pumpkin spice all year. she stacked up on 52 boxes of pumpkin spice latte. she wants it all yearlong, look at that, she is going to keep
5:27 am
going. >> she'll have a dinner, she'll say is this dinner pumpkin spice worthy? >> we have a fiery wreck along a delaware county highway. >> a school leaves students and this is ceo tom macarthur's world.
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in macarthur's world, he opposes new laws to ensure women receive equal pay for equal work. and macarthur opposes a woman's right to choose backed by a group that would outlaw abortion even for rape and incest. for us in the real world, aimee belgard. aimee will fight for equal pay and protect a woman's right to choose. aimee belgard's on our side. i'm aimee belgard and i approve this message.
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>> breaking now on "action news," an explosive scene on a delaware county highway and incredibly nobody is hurt.on a >> developing overnight a tractor-trailer riddled with bullet holes barrels into park cars during a police chase in norse up to. >> to -- norristown. >> let's go to dave and karen with weather and traffic. good morning. >> reporter: satellite and radar showing we have a lack of cloud cover to the south and west
5:30 am
tonight. generally speaking you'll see the clearing work in from the south. more clouds to the west and overall we'll call it partly sunny today with the clouds partly thicker than the sunshine and other times sunshine kind of winning out. 60 degrees in philadelphia. 54 in allentown. cool in wilmington, 58 degrees. chilly to start out. winds buildings a little bit after the sun gets up over the horizon. at the bus stop, 56 degrees between 6:00 and 8:00 partly cloudy and cool. storm tracker 6 live app on the smart phone says 50 degrees and slip to 58 by 8:00. noon, 66 that he is going to be the high, 71 degrees before we flip back down to 67 by 6:00. overall partly sunny skies, getting cooler as we head through the weekend, karen. i'll have the details in the seven day. >> reporter: all right, dave we have a serious accident southbound on the boulevard at